Hi, I’m Jennifer. I make stuff, talk about it, and do my part to promote other creative people and businesses in my community. I heart art and integrate it into everything I create, including decor, jewelry, hair accessories, and paper goods. This blog exists as another channel by which to explore, show off, and see more art.
I’m a business owner, overachiever, and mother of 3. These days I’m best known for my personalized Twitter jewelry and wearable logo art. You may have seen it around at networking and tech events in Austin (and beyond), as I’ve been hard at work continuing to expand my range of influence.
Through both collaborative efforts with awesome local artisans and my own solo ventures, new ideas are always coming to fruition. My own collections of art and fashion accessories seem to perpetually grow and change, but always consist of exciting, beautiful, and unique creations featuring bold, vivid color and familiar stylized imagery.Proud officer of the Austin Craft Riot team (formerly Etsy Austin) and co-founder/Artistic Director at SmashTag Concepts, where we make creative casual apparel. My work can also be found at Ensemble: Austin Indie Designers, at which I am a member of the fashion design collective, as well as the voice behind the house’s Twitter account and many of our other promotional efforts.
Bad-ass bundle of perpetual motion, always seeking synergy and serendity. Not slowing down anytime soon.

Hanging out (and showing off my work) with a couple of my favorite friends and most loyal customers, Tom and Jeffrey.


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