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Awesome mustache necklaces: JenHeartsArt’s contribution to Movember

As we draw near the end of the month, if you’re unaware of — or have simply not taken then time/money to support — Movember, now’s the time to jump on the wagon before  it’s too late! Movember is a month-long campaign for awareness and fundraising to benefit men’s health organizations. This year, I got involved.

Several of my friends and colleagues are avid supporters and directly involved with producing the wonderful events throughout Movember, so I had to find a way to contribute. My last post talks about a painting I donated to the silent auction at the Mo-Tie Affair earlier this month. But then I began making these fab mustache necklaces. PERFECT!

Keep Austin Stylish’s Joanna Wilkinson wrote a lovely post about my Movember necklaces, so read more about them and find out how you can get your hands on one of these eye-catching, money-raising, charity-supporting, health-encouraging totally awesome pieces!


Movember necklace by JenHeartsArt, proceeds from which go to the Movember Austin team. photo: KeepAustinStylish.com


Cypress Vanguard designer market and open house, 5/15 [PICS]

On the 3rd Sunday of each month, downtown Austin fashion house Cypress Vanguard opens its doors (&/or courtyard) to patrons who enjoy a classy, casual mix of the co-op’s regular house designers and outside guest artists/vendors. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss out, because each month there’s something new to see! Located 1/2 block from the Austin Convention Center and Moonshine, these recurring events are a great addition to your brunch or other weekend plans.

May’s guest designers were Dreaming In Craft, Apocalypse Wow Designs, Sugar Tooth Bakery, and Jennifer Hearts Art. Check out some photos I took of the temporary displays! ❤

Dreaming In Craft, a local business owned by crafter Marci Peterson, had these signature plushies for sale, among lots of cute wearable goodies, seen in the following 2 photos.

fabric button necklaces by Dreaming in Craft. photo: Jennifer Hearts Art

fabric button rings and felt flower hair clips by Dreaming in Craft. photo: Jennifer Hearts Art

Next to Marci’s table in the garden room at CV was Alex Parrish with her pretty, spooky Apocalypse Wow hair flowers and earrings.

Apocalypse Wow Designs specializes in retro-inspired hair flowers with a scary twist. Most pieces include skull or eyeball embellishments!

wearable art by Apocalypse Wow Designs. photo: Jennifer Hearts Art

We not only got to peruse a sampling of guest artists’ wares, but were also treated to some edible awesomeness by Sugar Tooth Bakery! Meghan, the proprietress of this south Austin business, brought in a selection of her vegan desserts — including Tiny Pinies (miniature pineapple upside-down cakes), cupcakes, and chocolate-covered donuts.

vegan baked goods by Sugar Tooth Bakery. photo: Jennifer Hearts Art

beautiful donut display by Sugar Tooth + a big paper mache cupcake! photo: Jennifer Hearts Art

To stay in the loop regarding upcoming events at Cypress Vanguard, become a fan of their Facebook page. You can find each of this month’s guest designers on your favorite social media websites as well. 🙂

(Psssst! Did you know? My line of wearable art will be part of the regular collective at CV soon! Details impending…)

The Fairy Godmothers of JR Salon make prom fashionable and fun for five underprivileged girls

Check out this post about the fun, philanthropic, fashionable project underway right now at JR Salon. They’re helping dreams of prom awesomeness come true for 5 visually impaired high school girls whose families are otherwise unable to make that happen.

The Fairy Godmothers of JR Salon make prom fashionable and fun for five girls – Austin wearable art | Examiner.com.

Austin designers and retailers: The Fairy Godmothers need your help! So far we know that Milli Starr is contributing a fascinator and JenHeartsArt.com will be helping out with cute hair accessories. Contact info and more details on how you can help are all laid out for you in the original post.

Art, Food, and Fashion at 6th and Waller – 2/26/11

Check out the new post up at Austin Art Events Examiner, where you’ll find a detailed list of the fashion designers, booth vendors, featured artists, and food vendors who will be showcasing their talents this Saturday at 6th & Waller. (The original post gives a music lineup, but that part has been canceled due to circumstances beyond the control of event coordinator, Strong Deer Art.)

Here’s the link:
Art, Music, and Fashion at 6th and Waller – 2/26 – Austin art events | Examiner.com.

Aside from the fashion show at 3pm and the art (of course), my favorite part is the artist market! @FancyPantsATX and @JenHeartsArt will be sharing a booth space full of wearable art, visual art, and fun, original gift items. Our designs complement each other well, allowing for an exciting collection of pop art and cute accessories featuring modern cultural icons.

Both Dani and I will be selling lots of new work never before seen on Etsy or in stores, so we urge you to stop by, take advantage of the awesome deals we’re offering, and give us your feedback about the current designs. Most pieces are under $20, with many $10 and under!

For examples of some of our styles, check out our Etsy shops:

FancyPantsATX on Etsy.com

JenniferHeartsArt on Etsy.com

I am also particularly stoked to see what Animated Closet, Jinxedaposed, Malissa Long Wear, and BonBon by Micah Yancey will be showing, as well as what some of our friends and fellow vendors will have for sale in 2011. (Can’t wait to visit the Robo Roku booth and stock up on super-cute new stuff, either! They’ve always got adorable, useful things that make fantastic gifts.)

Holiday shopping special – Kalei Doscope Aromacare, wearable art at Armadillo – Austin wearable art | Examiner.com

Holiday shopping special – Kalei Doscope Aromacare, wearable art at Armadillo – Austin wearable art | Examiner.com.

Check out the article I posted about Chantell Champlain‘s business, Kalei Doscope Aromacare, and the booth where you can find her products as well as creative fashion by Animated Closet.

One of the awesome things you will find there? (And your spoiled gift recipients would love to get?) A limited edition body scrub featuring label design with roses from Jen <3s Art and scents selected to complement the colors used. 🙂

Also in the same booth space, Animated Closet has super-cool clothing with an illustrated vibe. Comic Book Couture? Can I call it that? If so, I’ve got some of my own art and fashion that will fit in nicely to the category.

Keep Austin Collaborative!

There are lots of awesome connections being made and creative forces feeding off of one another these days in Austin. This situation, and the energy it breeds, are the very thing upon which I’m basing most of my impending projects and events.

On Friday, September 24th, I met Phill Janzen & Kira Pinion, who are working together on the collaborative project known as Keep Austin Pinup. Kira (Fleur Artistry) made me look fantastic, and Phill created some magical photos, some of which I’d venture to say are the best portraits that I’ve ever taken.

I made sure to bring some of the people with whom I’m planning and developing upcoming products and events along for the ride, in hopes that we can all benefit from involvement in the shoot. Megan Summerville (@SewSister) contributed the lace petticoat skirt and the black & white floral undergarments she designed and made, as well as the pearl necklaces from her personal jewelry collection. The black corset (which was worn in the shoot with a black waist-cincher on top) was purchased from Kuhmillion Lingerie. Kuhmillion is an online lingerie retailer owned by Beth Hempton, who also created SnuggleHerd and co-founded The WonderCraft. Beth H. and her business partner, Beth A., are working closely with me to present the October 23rd art, fashion, and fall shopping event at Starving Art Studios/EAT: Glitter, Glam, & Gore. All the juicy details about that will be posted here in the next couple of days!

KeepAustinPinup.com, Fleur Artistry, Kuhmillion, Megan Summerville Fine Lingerie, and JenniferHeartsArt.etsy.com will all have logos placed on some of the photos from my shoot, which will be printed and distributed for promotional purposes for all of us! Check out my previous post for details on how to get one for yourself. Autographed, even!

Meanwhile, here’s one of my favorite photos from the session, featuring my paintings. Enjoy. 🙂


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