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Art Inspired by Music

I put out the call to my social media friends and followers once again, this time asking for music-inspired art and/or poster and album art. What I got was a rad and eclectic mix of poster designs, paintings, and photography. Check it out.

This painting is Sam Aplin's translation of Florence + the Machine's "Only if for a night" for the Secret 7" competition. © Sam Aplin Art 2012

The cover of "The Pattern Act" by M E D I A, submitted by @PunkSoda

From the "Envy" set (inspired by NIN's "Reptile"), as part of a photography series based on the 7 Deadly Sins. Shot and submitted by @AmberGhosh

A poster for Mixed Use Media & 22Thoughts in San Antonio, TX. Submitted by @PunkSoda

"Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies" - One of 2 lovely Beatles-inspired floral paintings submitted by Brandi Solomon.

"Sky of Blue and Sea of Green" - Beatles-inspired floral painting submitted by Brandi Solomon.

And, though this submission isn’t fine art, is certainly is creative design and would make an awesome gift for any music lover. Plus, I can’t pass up an opportunity to show off the seriously cool work my friends are doing. These coasters by Melissa Stewart at Crab Apple Designs are made from upcycled vintage sheet music.

(Click the photo for a link to the Etsy listing, where you can purchase this mega-cool coaster set.)

Next post theme in this series of curated art, just in time for Valentine’s Day: LOVE!
Send your submissions via Twitter to @JenHeartsArt.


Swing Dance of the Living Dead!

Halloween Man Productions presents Swing Dance of the Living Dead! On Thursday, April 28, beginning at 7:30pm, the Flamingo Cantina on 6th St. will host a bad-ass show full of class, sass, gore, and more. (Be sure to scroll down past the poster for all the exciting details!)

Musical acts for the evening are as follows:

  • Danger*Cakes
  • Hello Wheels
  • The Octanes
  • Idiosyncracy
  • The Tex Offenders

Where there is no more room in Hell, the bands will walk the Earth…

Spring is here and everything is blooming, so rebel against all that cheeriness with ghoulish glee! Dress up as a retro-themed (40’s, 50’s, or 60’s) zombie, vampire, or ghost then boogie like a banshee. We’ll jump, jive, and wail till we all have to crawl back into our graves.

Also, it turns out that Danger*Cakes will be shooting a music video during their performance! Austin’s favorite jazzabilly jezebels will be filming a music video for their song “My Boyfriend is a Zombie,” so anyone who wants to be an extra or used for crowd shots should be sure to come all dolled up — undead style. The organizers need as many ghosts, ghouls,vampires, and zombies as possible to fill out the scenes. Not only is this going to be a hellishly fun event, it’s also a great opportunity to obtain music video infamy!

This is a 21+ show, and cover is $5. Doors at 7:30 PM.

Sponsors include:

Expect to see lots of fun, rad new stuff from @JenHeartsArt, including girly skull jewelry, glittery bow accessories, and new paintings!

See ya there! ❤

p.s. If you RSVP to the Facebook event, you’ll get important updates leading up to the event. Don’t forget to look your snazziest AND scariest!

Art, Food, and Fashion at 6th and Waller – 2/26/11

Check out the new post up at Austin Art Events Examiner, where you’ll find a detailed list of the fashion designers, booth vendors, featured artists, and food vendors who will be showcasing their talents this Saturday at 6th & Waller. (The original post gives a music lineup, but that part has been canceled due to circumstances beyond the control of event coordinator, Strong Deer Art.)

Here’s the link:
Art, Music, and Fashion at 6th and Waller – 2/26 – Austin art events | Examiner.com.

Aside from the fashion show at 3pm and the art (of course), my favorite part is the artist market! @FancyPantsATX and @JenHeartsArt will be sharing a booth space full of wearable art, visual art, and fun, original gift items. Our designs complement each other well, allowing for an exciting collection of pop art and cute accessories featuring modern cultural icons.

Both Dani and I will be selling lots of new work never before seen on Etsy or in stores, so we urge you to stop by, take advantage of the awesome deals we’re offering, and give us your feedback about the current designs. Most pieces are under $20, with many $10 and under!

For examples of some of our styles, check out our Etsy shops:

FancyPantsATX on Etsy.com

JenniferHeartsArt on Etsy.com

I am also particularly stoked to see what Animated Closet, Jinxedaposed, Malissa Long Wear, and BonBon by Micah Yancey will be showing, as well as what some of our friends and fellow vendors will have for sale in 2011. (Can’t wait to visit the Robo Roku booth and stock up on super-cute new stuff, either! They’ve always got adorable, useful things that make fantastic gifts.)

First F.A.M. inaugural weekend featuring food, art, and music – Austin art events | Examiner.com

Update: Due to weather, the programming for 2/4 (6:30-12am) has moved to the evening of 2/26. It has been added to 2/26 daytime programming (12pm-6:30pm), which includes a fashion show and is still in the process of being finalized, making the upcoming date an all day event lasting from 12pm-12am.

Local artist and small business owner, Chantell Champlain (Strong Deer Art, Kalei Doscope Aromacare, and more) is launching her new monthly recurring art event on February 4, 2011. Subsequent events will take place at 6th and Waller on the first weekend of each month, and will feature live art, music, food vendors, an artist market, and more. Get all the details here:
First F.A.M. inaugural weekend featuring food, art, and music – February 4th-5th – Austin art events | Examiner.com.

You can also RSVP on Facebook (Friday, Saturday) and Do512 (Friday, Saturday). Check out the links for each day to see the lineup, as music and live art will differ from day to day.

Below are a couple of photos – consider it a pre-exhibit sneak preview – of two of the artists showing new work at the show. The photography and styling is by Keep Austin Pinup, a collaborative project by Phill Janzen and Kira Pinion. Want to see more? Don’t miss this event!

Chantell - KeepAustinPinup.com

Artist and event organizer Chantell Champlain, styled and captured by Keep Austin Pinup

Nicole - KeepAustinPinup.com

Artist Nicole Menard, styled and photographed in her element by Keep Austin Pinup

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