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Awesome mustache necklaces: JenHeartsArt’s contribution to Movember

As we draw near the end of the month, if you’re unaware of — or have simply not taken then time/money to support — Movember, now’s the time to jump on the wagon before  it’s too late! Movember is a month-long campaign for awareness and fundraising to benefit men’s health organizations. This year, I got involved.

Several of my friends and colleagues are avid supporters and directly involved with producing the wonderful events throughout Movember, so I had to find a way to contribute. My last post talks about a painting I donated to the silent auction at the Mo-Tie Affair earlier this month. But then I began making these fab mustache necklaces. PERFECT!

Keep Austin Stylish’s Joanna Wilkinson wrote a lovely post about my Movember necklaces, so read more about them and find out how you can get your hands on one of these eye-catching, money-raising, charity-supporting, health-encouraging totally awesome pieces!


Movember necklace by JenHeartsArt, proceeds from which go to the Movember Austin team. photo: KeepAustinStylish.com


Blog post about JenHeartsArt!

Ever had a chance to read a concise, informative, and flattering description of yourself from another person’s point of view? I hadn’t until very recently, and I love it! Writer Susan Lahey and I met during a Freelance Austin meeting at which I was the guest speaker, and we hit it off right away. She came to visit me at Cypress Vanguard shortly after, and THIS awesome post illustrates her (impressively accurate) grasp on what I do. Very interesting shift in perspective for me…

Here’s the url, in case that link doesn’t work in your browser- http://www.fishpondcontent.com/2011/08/pop-art-social-media-finesse-jenheart/

Love it! Thanks, Susan! ❤

Buy handmade this holiday at Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

This year’s annual Austin shopping event, the Armadillo, will debut many artists and musicians who represent a new generation of talent. All of the more than 161 artists and artisans will be showing their latest work. Thirty-one live music acts—first timers and longtime favorites—will perform over the course of the 10-day show.

My friend, and former studio neighbor at Starving Art Studios, Chantell, is participating as a vendor at Armadillo for the 2nd year, and is sharing her booth space with a clothing designer called the Animated Closet. So they have Kalei Doscope Aromacare and a fun, funky clothing line in one space, open til 11pm until this Friday, and that’s just one of the many, many booths. Another post with photos and interview from my visit to Armadillo coming soon.

Meanwhile, check out my article here and get the details so you can get your shop on:

Buy handmade this holiday at Armadillo Christmas Bazaar – through 12/24 – Austin art events | Examiner.com.



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