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Have you seen the Arthouse at the Jones Center lately?!

In case you didn’t already know, the Arthouse on Congress Ave. has finally reopened after renovations, and is so unbelievably cool. Passing by is especially a treat after dark because of the huge screen and beautiful lighted architectural art elements on the building.

Perhaps sometime soon I’ll manage to sit down long enough to go into further detail about some of the current and upcoming happenings there, but in the meantime at least check out the website and member info to learn more: http://www.arthousetexas.org/

Subscribe to their mailing list, too, or follow @Arthouse_Ben on Twitter to stay in the loop. That’s how I do it. 🙂

Earlier this year I attended an off-site version (due to the aforementioned construction) of the venue’s annual Five x Seven fundraiser and exhibition, which was held at the Whitley building. I actually won tickets to the first-ever Art Social event from the Mohawk in a contest on Twitter!
More about that in these two posts:


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