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RCF Austin sneak peek: The WonderCraft

Renegade Craft Fair is returning to Austin for the 2nd year (May 21-22), and there’s no better place to get crafty and shop handmade this weekend! While we (im)patiently wait to see the vendors’ new selections of art, crafts, and fashion apparel, I thought it’d be fun to share some information about a few of last year’s favorite businesses, along with previews of what they’ll have in store for visitors this weekend at the Palmer Events Center.

First up, The WonderCraft! I first encountered Stella, the Airstream trailer that houses the WC boutique, at the 2010 Renegade Craft Fair, and she was an instant hit with my entire family. The kids hung out outside the trailer working on cool paper crafts at one of the company’s signature make-and-take stations. The photo immediately below is of Stella inside the event venue during RCF last year, with details on this year’s DIY project further down.

Last week on their blog, Get Crafty, Austin!, Beth Albrecht at The WonderCraft announced that this year the big make-and-take project will be Upcycled Cardboard Matchbook Wallets! This is a brilliant idea and a wonderful way to make something useful and personalized out of re-purposed materials. And, of course, the cool music theme in the preview/example photo speaks to another facet of Austin’s culture. I can’t wait to see some of the unique wallets people will create!

Photos courtesy of The WonderCraft

Not only will there be fun craft projects for you to make, The WonderCraft will be open for business, selling locally handmade items and signing people up for classes and parties. Get Crafty, Austin! The WonderCraft insists. 🙂


Art, Food, and Fashion at 6th and Waller – 2/26/11

Check out the new post up at Austin Art Events Examiner, where you’ll find a detailed list of the fashion designers, booth vendors, featured artists, and food vendors who will be showcasing their talents this Saturday at 6th & Waller. (The original post gives a music lineup, but that part has been canceled due to circumstances beyond the control of event coordinator, Strong Deer Art.)

Here’s the link:
Art, Music, and Fashion at 6th and Waller – 2/26 – Austin art events | Examiner.com.

Aside from the fashion show at 3pm and the art (of course), my favorite part is the artist market! @FancyPantsATX and @JenHeartsArt will be sharing a booth space full of wearable art, visual art, and fun, original gift items. Our designs complement each other well, allowing for an exciting collection of pop art and cute accessories featuring modern cultural icons.

Both Dani and I will be selling lots of new work never before seen on Etsy or in stores, so we urge you to stop by, take advantage of the awesome deals we’re offering, and give us your feedback about the current designs. Most pieces are under $20, with many $10 and under!

For examples of some of our styles, check out our Etsy shops:

FancyPantsATX on Etsy.com

JenniferHeartsArt on Etsy.com

I am also particularly stoked to see what Animated Closet, Jinxedaposed, Malissa Long Wear, and BonBon by Micah Yancey will be showing, as well as what some of our friends and fellow vendors will have for sale in 2011. (Can’t wait to visit the Robo Roku booth and stock up on super-cute new stuff, either! They’ve always got adorable, useful things that make fantastic gifts.)

Holiday shopping special – Kalei Doscope Aromacare, wearable art at Armadillo – Austin wearable art | Examiner.com

Holiday shopping special – Kalei Doscope Aromacare, wearable art at Armadillo – Austin wearable art | Examiner.com.

Check out the article I posted about Chantell Champlain‘s business, Kalei Doscope Aromacare, and the booth where you can find her products as well as creative fashion by Animated Closet.

One of the awesome things you will find there? (And your spoiled gift recipients would love to get?) A limited edition body scrub featuring label design with roses from Jen <3s Art and scents selected to complement the colors used. 🙂

Also in the same booth space, Animated Closet has super-cool clothing with an illustrated vibe. Comic Book Couture? Can I call it that? If so, I’ve got some of my own art and fashion that will fit in nicely to the category.

Buy handmade this holiday at Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

This year’s annual Austin shopping event, the Armadillo, will debut many artists and musicians who represent a new generation of talent. All of the more than 161 artists and artisans will be showing their latest work. Thirty-one live music acts—first timers and longtime favorites—will perform over the course of the 10-day show.

My friend, and former studio neighbor at Starving Art Studios, Chantell, is participating as a vendor at Armadillo for the 2nd year, and is sharing her booth space with a clothing designer called the Animated Closet. So they have Kalei Doscope Aromacare and a fun, funky clothing line in one space, open til 11pm until this Friday, and that’s just one of the many, many booths. Another post with photos and interview from my visit to Armadillo coming soon.

Meanwhile, check out my article here and get the details so you can get your shop on:

Buy handmade this holiday at Armadillo Christmas Bazaar – through 12/24 – Austin art events | Examiner.com.



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