Standing Out in the Social Media Crowd

With so many people and businesses out there chattering these days, you may wonder what will set your brand apart (or whether you should even bother trying to interact on sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Google+). With a little creativity, some know-how about marketing and media, and a clear vision of what it is you’re trying to say, I can help you create a strategy tailored to your specific needs.

I “accidentally” uncovered an entire world of valuable HUMAN INTERACTION on Twitter simply by following basic social media rules, moderate use of widely-accepted tools, and generating my own form of relevant and interesting content. Before long, more and more people began to pay attention and the increase in followers has resulted in growth for my business and a reputation as a resource in the art, craft, and tech communities.

Fast forward about 6 months, at which time I’d begun making not only fine art, but also jewelry and hair accessories. When I started making personalized Twitter jewelry, my strategy for sharing the photos — initially just to continue generating content, and to share with the world what I was doing — quickly became a customer service and quality assurance tool as well.

With time, experience, and constant attention to details and social trends, I’ve become well-versed in connecting those dots. I now not only manage social media accounts for promotion of my own brand, but also for Cypress Vanguard (a fashion design co-op and retail space in Austin of which I am a member) and Austin Craft Riot (a group of 100+ indie art/craft businesses for whom I am the elected Team Publicist and Co-Chair of Promotions). Through all of these entities I’ve had to learn to market people, products, events, and myself, all in a fun and professional manner. Truly engaging with one’s audience is key, as is identifying that audience and doing the necessary work to find out what those people want to see, hear, and learn from you. In my talk, I explain in greater detail exactly how I use social media in my own business, how it’s changed everything for me, and how YOU can implement the same principles in a way that are relevant to your own audience and/or industry.


Below are links to some of my favorite resources — people, blogs, and businesses I’ve followed along the way, and who have taught me an awful lot about media, creativity, and being one’s self in order to achieve positive results. I highly recommend paying attention to them (subscribing where applicable) and taking their advice…

My work:

What the heck have I been talking about? Here are a few examples…

Photos of my Twitter jewelry-

Austin Craft Riot-

Cypress Vanguard-
Twitter –
Facebook – –
Visit for links to my various blog and UGC site feeds, as well as my professional social media accounts and online shopping websites.

Contact me at to check rates and availability for speaking engagements!


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